Infinite Jones here.

We live in a sick sad world, no doubt about it.  How do we get through the days when there is no meaning?  Religion provides no answers except, “Faith” which means you have to believe in something you can’t prove or understand. Science has provided many answers and created just as many new questions but, doesn’t answer Why? Philosophy has so far come up with nothing more than “I think, therefore I am”.  OK, so we am but, Why am we?  We at Infinite Jones do not know the Answers.  We don’t know where you go when you die.  We cannot fix our broken political system.  We are not technologically savvy enough to invent a way to stop Climate Change.  We do suppose we can add one more Self Evident statement to Emmanuel Kant’s above.  Howabout:  I Sing, therefore I am… happy?  Music is itself self evident.  Humans across culture and history have instinctively grasped Music.  There is an internal logic to it that everyone gets and maybe its mere existence out there in the universe(s) and in the shared human consciousness is reason for hope.  Maybe.  Anyway, at Infinite Jones, Music is our thing and, we pledge to provide some Musical Distractions* to help you through the day.   It’s not much but, it ain’t nothing.   So, enjoy some nice tunes to whistle while staring into the Abyss.


You are welcome.  And, Now this:


*Oh, and Comedy – laughter is good, too.  And, the occasional nice picture to look at and whatnot.





New Dawn, New Day

Song of the Day:
Nina Simone – Feeling Good

We are feeling good today and it is because of the amazing Nina Simone.  Today’s Song of the Day is from Nina’s 1965 album I Put a Spell on You.  Strangely enough, Miss Simone does not really sound all that happy for a song song entitled Feeling Good  – at least that’s how it seems to us.  There is a such strong undercurrent of melancholy in her voice, that it just adds layers of emotion to her work and deepens the impact of this song.  Nina is struggling mightily against the sadness inside her and, although she may not quite win, her struggle is so very brave and beautiful that it can’t help but, move us.  With that amazing, incoherent, speaking-in-tongues improvisation at the end of the song, she seems to have achieved at least some form of peace as she wrestles her demons to a draw.  Somehow, it seems both heartbreaking and triumphant.  Not an easy trick to pull off at all and, that is the genius of Nina Simone.  Thanks Nina.


As a bonus, here is an awesome lyrics video for the song we found on the YouTubes (our thanks and kudos to the original creator, Tamara Connolly):





Magic of the Melancholy Tear in Your Eye

Song of the SaturDay:
Tom Waits – (Lookin’ for) The Heart of Saturday Night

Dear Imaginary Readers, we guess we are doing Saturday Songs now.  We noticed we have done it kind of unconsciously for the last couple of weeks, so we decided to make it Official. It ‘s just that their are SO MANY good songs written about Saturday that we couldn’t resist.  So, we are going to start off with this bona fide classic from Infinite Jones favorite Tom Waits‘ 1974 The Heart of a Saturday Night album.  We hope it helps you find what you are looking for tonight.  Happy Saturday.






Mental Fatigue

Song of the Friday:
John Conlee – Friday Night Blues

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you are just too tired at the end of it to enjoy the freedom of your Friday Night?  Well, John Conlee has and we think it is so sad – even if we can sometimes identify.  But, we hope that is not how you feel, Dear Imaginary Readers.  Happy Friday to you, whether you spend it out on the town or down on your couch!






King Bea Culpa

Song of the Day:
The KingBees – My Mistake

We are not exactly sure what mistake The Kingbees are owning up to in this propulsive, neo-Rockabilly gem – they seems to be apologizing for not choose the straight life over the life of a Rock and Roller (and maybe mistaking a guy for a girl “in the market place”) – but, we are pretty sure they are not really that sorry.  In spite of leader Jamie James repeated protests that he has made a mistake, he clearly is happy with his decision to “rock as fast as (he) can” and, we are too!  My Mistake was a small regional hit from The Kingbees eponymous 1980 album.  It might have been a bigger hit were it not for label troubles and some bad timing – it came out just before the Rockabilly Revival took off.  But, in spite of that it is still a solid rocker from a solid album.  We hope you enjoy it, no mistake.





Their Ship of Love Is Ready to Attack

Song of the Day:
DFX2 – Something’s Always Happening

Twin brothers Donald and David Farage (DFX2 – get it?) are frustrated and annoyed.  They lost their employment and crashed their car and worst of all they are “threatened with obscurity”!  That last thing was really more than a threat as they remain almost completely unknown today.  Bummer guys,  But, at least, We at Infinite Jones love their 1983 Emotion Mini EP which contains this raw, raucous rocker and their “hit” Emotion, so that’s something, right?  Anyway, this song completes this week’s triptych of songs about people having a bad day.  We hope you, Dear Imaginary Readers, have enjoyed the suffering of others.  You are welcome.





Nothing Ever Happens to Us, ‘Cept We Miss the Bus

Song of the Day:
Buzzcocks – Something’s Gone Wrong Again

Life is really bugging Pete Shelley.  He lost a sock, his egg yoke broke (no joke), he missed a bus, etc.  Somehow, Shelley and the Buzzcocks make these petty little annoyances seem ominous and even downright perilous.  But, haven’t we all felt like that sometimes, powerless and frustrated, like just on more thing and that will be the last straw?  Yeah, we have but, hang in there, you can sing along and feel comforted by the fact that it happens to everyone, even Punk Rock Stars.   Have a Nice Day.  ;>)