Infinite Jones here.

We live in a sick sad world, no doubt about it.  How do we get through the days when there is no meaning?  Religion provides no answers except, “Faith” which means you have to believe in something you can’t prove or understand. Science has provided many answers and created just as many new questions but, doesn’t answer Why? Philosophy has so far come up with nothing more than “I think, therefore I am”.  OK, so we am but, Why am we?  We at Infinite Jones do not know the Answers.  We don’t know where you go when you die.  We cannot fix our broken political system.  We are not technologically savvy enough to invent a way to stop Climate Change.  We do suppose we can add one more Self Evident statement to Emmanuel Kant’s above.  Howabout:  I Sing, therefore I am… happy?  Music is itself self evident.  Humans across culture and history have instinctively grasped Music.  There is an internal logic to it that everyone gets and maybe its mere existence out there in the universe(s) and in the shared human consciousness is reason for hope.  Maybe.  Anyway, at Infinite Jones, Music is our thing and, we pledge to provide some Musical Distractions* to help you through the day.   It’s not much but, it ain’t nothing.   So, enjoy some nice tunes to whistle while staring into the Abyss.


You are welcome.




*Oh, and Comedy – laughter is good, too.  And, the occasional nice picture to look at and whatnot.





Featured Playlist: Balancing Act

An upbeat, bouncy, relentlessly eclectic Mix from the Infinite Jones Archives

  1. JINGLE WENE Wadio 0:05
  2. Khachaturian - Gayne - Sabre Dance Leonard Slatkin 2:37
  3. Honeymooners Ornette Coleman 4:24
  4. Fun To Be Happy Love Tractor 2:52
  5. Hein? Tom Zé 3:33
  6. Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love They Might Be Giants 1:36
  7. A Lotta Colada Sea Level 3:44
  8. Bumble Boogie Morells, the 2:14
  9. Tsar Saltan, Act III: Flight of the Bumblebee Prague Festival Orchestra 1:37
  10. Mission Impossible Theme Lalo Schifrin 0:48
  11. Sanford and Son Theme Quincy Jones 3:05
  12. Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock 6:32
  13. To Tom Zé 2:46
  14. Twos and Fews Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis 4:35
  15. Etude In G-flat Major, Op. 10, Vladimir Horowitz 1:40
  16. Maple Leaf Rag New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble 3:14
  17. Christmas is Coming Vince Guaraldi Trio 3:26
  18. Where Anything Can Happen WENE Wadio 0:31
  19. Toc Tom Zé 2:59
  20. It's A Wonderful Life Chris Stamey 6:00
  21. Golden Hours Brian Eno 4:01
  22. Skating Vince Guaraldi Trio 2:27
  23. Paper Moon Stephane Grappelli 3:49
  24. Track 360 Duke Ellington 2:06
  25. In Dark Trees Brian Eno 2:30
  26. Snapshot Art of Noise 1:02
  27. Between The Lines Lake 4:45
  28. Desert Players Ornette Coleman 4:24
  29. Talk Normal Laurie Anderson 5:32
  30. Complexo De Epico Tom Zé 1:17
  31. Hairy Beat Love Tractor 2:53
  32. Kabalevsky - The Comedians, Op. 26. Galop Leonard Slatkin 1:32
  33. Ah-Leu-Cha Charlie Parker 2:56
  34. Blues Whistle Meade "Lux" Lewis 4:22




Everything That ‘Cha Do (Will Come Back to You)

Song of the Day:

Everything That ‘Cha Do by Wet Willie

This song from Wet Willie‘s fine 1976 album The Wetter the Better is definitely one of our Theme Songs here at Infinite Jones.  Sure the Karma extolling lyrics are right in line with our personal Philosophy but, what really makes it a favorite is the insistent bass line and the slinky guitar groove.  And, admittedly, we do enjoy the mildly inappropriate album cover a bit, too.





Absolutely Amazing Lindy Hoppers!!!


 Here is a picture of our dog, Rocket Dog,  to get you to look at our…

Video of the Day:

Lindy Dance Scene from Hellzapoppin’ (1941)

Hellzapoppin’! was a very unusual Musical Comedy from 1941 starring the comedy team of Olsen and Johnson.  It was beyond wacky and very “Meta” for it’s day.  This clip Features Slim and Slam and the freakin’ incredible Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.  Really, you gotta see this stuff.

It has not escaped our Irony Detector that the most talented performers in the film were forced to portray servants and menials and that their number took place “backstage”.   So, whether that detracts from your enjoyment is up to you.  In our opinion it is equally Magnificent and Embarrassing.  And, ain’t that America?!





Ambiguity Song

Song of the Day:  Ambiguity Song by Camper Van Beethoven

Here’s a song for one of those days when you are just not sure what to do next.  It is from CVB’s 1985 album Telephone Free Landslide Victory which is as randomly eclectic as the name implies.


As a bonus, here is a video of the Camper’s “hit” Take the Skinheads Bowling which is basically the same song with different words – but, still cool.